Rewiring a House in Brighton

At Bradbury Electrical, we offer a complete rewiring service for all types of Brighton properties, from flats to stately homes. Our friendly team offers advice on the specific type of wiring work your Brighton home requires, incorporating the latest technology where necessary.

Cables, sockets, outlets and switches in Brighton properties are subject to daily wear and tear, so many of a home's electrical accessories can deteriorate over time. The first signs of wiring deterioration may only reveal themselves at inconvenient or unsafe times. New electrical wiring installations in Brighton BN1, BN2 should be monitored regularly according to Electrical Regulations and Testing guidelines, to avoid catastrophic failures.

What if my Brighton house & wiring are very old?

Extra Sockets From £39If your electrical wiring in Brighton was installed a long time ago, you may find it isn't equipped to handle the quantity of electrical items found in a modern household.

Full rewiring for your Brighton home can sometimes be the best and safest way to ensure your wiring is capable of meeting the demands of today’s high technology society.

All houses around Brighton should have their electrical systems checked at least every ten years, so if you can't remember when yours was last done, give us a call today.

What are the signs my Brighton wiring might need replacing?

We've found that full electrical rewiring in a Brighton home is generally necessary due to one of the following reasons:

  • Recommended by an electrical inspection or report
  • Difficulties with electrical points not operating correctly
  • Ageing light sockets, wiring or fittings
  • Not enough plug sockets or lighting points
  • The overall age of the Brighton property

If you need complete electrical rewiring in the Brighton BN1, BN2 area, we can safely replace your home wiring to '17th Edition' standards, fully compliant with 'Part P Building Regulations'.

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More than just home rewiring in Brighton

We can provide all the electrical services you need, for homes and businesses. We specialise in: