Reliable installation & repair of Brighton & Hove lighting systems

Good quality lighting design and installation can be an important factor in how comfortable your home is.

The layout of your lighting, designation of individual circuits and selection of fittings are important to the warmth and safety of your property, along with the choice of bulb type, colour and power consumption.

At Bradbury Electrical, we use our years of experience to recommend the best lighting options for your needs, whilst also not leaving you out of pocket.

Lighting Repairs

Extra Lights From £39New We have been designing and fitting lighting schemes for our clients for over a decade, so we understand where systems can sometimes fail.

Our skilled lighting technicians can identify problems with the lighting in your home and fix them quickly and easily. If any new parts are required, we can recommend the best options to fit in with your current system and also provide you with the most value for money.

We can even arrange a survey to quote for a full replacement system or identify any future need for repair, before a breakdown actually happens.

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Low Energy Lighting

We live in a society where efficiency, cost-effectiveness and carbon footprint play an important role. The right lighting choices can mean significant cost savings in the long run, whilst also helping the environment.

Recent advances in LED low energy lighting have led to a massive improvement in choice for low energy lighting, with lamps lasting upwards of 10 years. They also allow for a much wider colour choice, from different levels of white warmth, to any colour you can imagine.

We like to be at the forefront of such lighting technology advances, due to the noticeable benefits to our valued customers.

Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting From £95It's not just the indoor parts of your house that need the right illumination - your outdoor areas will also benefit from well fitted garden lighting.

Our skilled lighting technicians have years of experience fitting high quality, weatherproof outdoor lighting systems around Brighton & Hove. We can wire your garden lighting into your existing system, installing switches where necessary, both indoors and outside.

We can even include your garden lights as part of an integrated home automation system, for ultimate control of your home lighting.

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