Bespoke Emergency Lighting for Businesses in Brighton & Hove

Modern businesses should always have the safety of their employees in mind when providing lighting and electrical systems. At Bradbury Electrical, we offer a comprehensive safety lighting survey and installation process.

Your premises will require emergency lighting if the building doesn’t have enough natural light entering to safely exit in the event of a power cut.

Emergency lighting for older buildings

New buildings generally have an emergency lighting system installed during the construction process to adhere to Building Regulations and Local Authority requirements. However, older buildings may need a new system or reconfiguration of the existing system to take into account building or environmental changes.

Our emergency lighting electricians have full British Standards training, giving you peace of mind that your business is fire-safety compliant.

How does emergency lighting work?

Emergency escape lighting can be fitted in a basic 'escape route only' manner, to highlight fire exits and safe routes out of the building in the event of a fire.

Alternatively businesses can add emergency lighting to open areas. This switches on in the case of fire or power cut, to ensure communal rooms and spaces are kept illuminated and not simply plunged into darkness.

Whatever level of safety lighting your business requires, Bradbury Electrical can offer a no-obligation quote.

NICEIC Certified

Our highly skilled electricians have years of experience in electrical installation for offices. Most types of electrical installation work can be completed in a single visit, with larger office install jobs carried out according to client schedules.

Our engineers carry the latest technology and equipment, enabling them to issue NICEIC electrical certificates on site, then email digital copies direct to clients where required.