Robust Data Wiring in Brighton & Hove

Network Cabling is now an important part of most businesses, allowing computers to communicate quickly and reliably between networks.

Modern 'Ethernet' cables are generally rated at Cat5 or Cat6 level, which defines the speed and overall performance of the cabling.

At Bradbury Electrical we provide reliable network cabling for all size of business, from small offices, to large industrial units around Brighton & Hove. Our qualified electricians have the knowledge and tools to provide effective, neat, durable ethernet cable and socket placement.

Which devices require data cabling?

Although modern computing devices generally communicate via WiFi, the use of data cabling provides a more reliable level of data transfer. Office computers that remain in one spot are ideal candidates for a fixed ethernet connection, as are network printers, security cameras and VoIP desk phones.

Experienced Ethernet Cable Fitters

We are not your average electricians. All of our data cabling experts are licensed electricians with years of experience. They have the skills and expertise to provide you with the technical and electrical services your business requires.

NICEIC Certified

Our highly skilled electricians have advanced experience in cable installation for computer networks. Most types of data cable work can be completed in a single visit, with larger installation jobs carried out according to a client's wishes.

Our engineers carry the latest tools and equipment, enabling them to issue NICEIC electrical certificates on site, then email digital copies direct to clients where required.